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Michael you spent tireless hours coordinating activities with government and vendor personnel to ensure that $40 million in equipment was quoted and received in a timely manner.  You are the silent voice behind the scene and without your support our goals would not be achievable.     

- Michelle Sparrow-Walker, Director, Systems and Integration Office   
Department of State    

Michael, you stayed on task remaining focused, effective, professional and good humored.  Procurements for this complex project were completed within an extremely short timeframe, providing protection for the most critical systems in the Department.   

- Patrick Swanson, Special Project Manager, Systems and Integration Office  
Department of State  

Mr. Hardiman's in-depth analysis and succinct feedback on the audit tracking system directly resulted in system improvements and more accurate reporting capabilities for the entire DHS audit team.  Mike provided exceptional customer service to OCIO personnel and was always willing to go "above and beyond" to exceed expectations.

- Maria Roat, Chief of Staff, Office of the CIO     
Department of Homeland Security
Michael has performed an outstanding job as Site Manager for this project.  He quickly understood what the client was looking for and communicated those requirements back to the team.  Mike stepped up and helped pull the project through so it could go live on time. 
- Thomas Barnes, Program Manager
L-3 Communications Incorporated

Michael, thank you for your excellent support to the Joint Fires Cell, Multi National Corps Iraq.  Your dedication and devotion to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines is deeply appreciated.

- James McDonald, Brigadier General, US Army
Multi National Corps Iraq, Information Operations

I want to acknowledge the team's exceptional accomplishment in deploying new equipment to so many locations in such a short period of time.  This has significantly improved the security of the United States; you can take pride in knowing that your efforts have made a difference.   

- Tim Van Dyke, Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program 
Department of Homeland Security

You’ve done a great job for us, Mike. You employed the most effective methods of communicating the democratization, civil society and reconstruction programs in the City and Governorate of Baghdad. You were vigilant in your duties and stalwart in your dedication towards mission accomplishment.

- Leslie Dean, Minister-Counselor (ret.)
U. S. Agency for International Development

We did it! The Council turned the tables locally and in Washington and our preferred NEPA alternative was chosen. Your high impact newsletters and fundraising appeals, presentations at public hearings, overall strategy and specific tactics tailored for each situation carried the day. Thanks Mike, you were with us every step of the way.

- Bernice Stableford, Chairwoman
Coastal Stewardship Council

Mike, it was a pleasure.  The coalition you assembled successfully promoted our position.  Our testimony at Senate and House hearings was effective thanks to your guidance and very thorough preparation.  Your creativity in presenting our side of things substantially changed the terms of the debate.   

- Fred Grau, Owner
Grasslyn Farms Incorporated

Thank you for planning our trip to Washington.  From scheduling to document preparation to stage managing each meeting, you framed our presentation in the best possible light.  We met with all members of the delegation and senior staff, accomplished all our objectives and were able to negotiate from a position of strength.     

- Donald Breen, Owner
Saddleback Mountain Ski Resort

Dear Mike, much appreciation for speaking at our annual conference.  It means a lot to me to be able to have your news and views from Washington DC heard this year!

- Carol LaGrasse, President
Property Rights Foundation of America   

Thank you very much for your instruction at yet another Public Relations School.  As in the past, your lectures consistently receive high marks and favorable comments from the students.  Thanks again Mike for your time and energy!

- Dan Klenck, Schools Administrator 
Leadership Institute 

Mike is also engaged in real estate:

Mike listed my place with beautiful photos and worked with me to prepare for a successful open house. We received several offers and reached our sale price goal. The road to settlement was rocky, but Mike took care of everything.

- Kristen Hickman, Capitol Hill

First of all, I want to thank you for the time you took to discuss with me the sale of my condominium. I was impressed with the knowledge you displayed and with your background in the industry.

- Cedric Nourim, Northwest DC

Mr. Hardiman, thank you for speaking at the r ecent Real Estate Investors Association Leadership Retreat. You were extremely informative and presented in a professional manner, and were understandable to those of us at the grass roots level.

- Daniel Marquardt, Vice President
K & D Home Specialists

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