Find a way to win.



Find yourself on a washed out road, uncertain of how to proceed? We will open up a path to success and help you to accomplish your goals.

Personal service.

Hardiman Consulting will always go the extra mile for you. We work with you every step of the way to create a solution for your specific situation.

Assertive strategies and tactics.

There is no such thing as "bulletproof" glass.  Various levels of thickness and types of materials can provide a significant degree of protection.  There are no guarantees or absolutes in conflict, business or politics.
In some situations, the best way to defend your interests is to go on offense and put your opponents at risk.  Place and keep them on the defensive. Either defeat them, or make their price of success so high that they will give up and move on.

Photo on the right is Bingo the attack dog.  The trooper in the photo (face obscured) was demonstrating, with a few hand motions and one word commands, how he can order Bingo to step foward and bark as a warning, bite down and disable a limb, or literally go for the throat. 

Is it advisable to have an "attack dog" on patrol for your team?  If your business or political situation calls for such active defense, Hardiman Consulting can fill the role.


Hardiman Consulting


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